If you’re visiting the UK and want to investigate some of the quirkier aspects of life on this great island, I would warmly recommend checking into a traditional B&B. I don’t mean one of the modern ones with Wi-Fi and espresso machines in the rooms. I mean one where time has stood still since the … Continue reading B&B

Swedish guests

We have Swedish guests visiting and I’ve entered full-blown psycho cleaning/fixing mode. This is after I looked around our house – not with the eyes of someone who has lived in the country for over 20 years – but with the eyes of a Swede. At first glance, the house appeared ok – in the … Continue reading Swedish guests


Walking to school in Sweden was a dangerous activity. In the winter there were the blizzard and frozen nostril hairs to worry about. In summer and autumn there were the moose. I remember moose bulls to be unpredictable at the best of times, all legs and horns and not enough common sense. During breeding season … Continue reading Moose